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  • DKNY 2010春夏女装成衣系列发布秀

    美国纽约当地时间9月13日,设计师Donna Karan在纽约时装周2010春夏系列发布会上,发布了DKNY 2010春夏成衣系列。DKNY其实就是Donna Karan New York的缩写,它也正是设计师Donna Karan为了她日渐成熟的女儿Gabby所..
  • 申敏儿代言 Calvin Klein牛仔 恋人概念广告

    申敏儿成为Calvinklein牛仔裤模特也是一个很大的话题。特别是6月在意大利的米兰拍摄的画报照片让人眼前一亮。 和国际广告模特吉米·多南(Jamie Dornan)的恋人概念广告非常娇艳性感。尽显腰部和臀部线条的姿势..
  • Terry Richardson 超尺度摄影选

  • Terry Richardson 人像摄影选

    Terry Richardson 这位当今世界最招惹争议的时尚摄影师,作品却震惊世界。更让无数大品牌排队等待拍摄档期。据说,等待接单的品牌已经排到二年后,还末计排队等拍摄的大牌明星。
  • Terry Richardson 大牌摄影选

    Terry Richardson 这位当今世界最招惹争议的时尚摄影师,作品却震惊世界。更让无数大品牌排队等待拍摄档期。据说,等待接单的品牌已经排到二年后,还末计排队等拍摄的大牌明星。
  • Terry Richardson:6 SENSES Raw Profile世界巡回展之首尔前奏曲

    著名摄影师Terry Richardson将于九月展开6 SENSES Raw Profile巡回展览,该展预计于首尔、上海、纽约等各城市巡回。前段时间Terry先至韩国首尔为展览作品先行拍摄韩国艺人部分,摄影师Terry Richardson也接受了韩国..
  • Terry Richardson 时尚品牌摄影选

    Terry Richardson 这位当今世界最招惹争议的时尚摄影师,作品却震惊世界。更让无数大品牌排队等待拍摄档期。据说,等待接单的品牌已经排到二年后,还末计排队等拍摄的大牌明星。
  • PURPLE 09/10秋冬号 Terry Richardson继续淫荡使坏

    裸女与色男的组合,外加充满性暗示的动作成就Terry 的风格。而PURPLE杂志为Terry 找来的名模分别是Eniko Mihalik,Freja Beha,Magdalena Frackowiak,Abbey Lee Kershaw 来满足就快订婚的他。当然各位也饱了眼福。
  • Terry Richardson 杂志摄影选

    Terry Richardson 这位当今世界最招惹争议的时尚摄影师,作品却震惊世界。更让无数大品牌排队等待拍摄档期。据说,等待接单的品牌已经排到二年后,还末计排队等拍摄的大牌明星。
  • Fendi 09/10秋冬广告大片

    Fendi Fall 2009 Ad Campaign,出自Karl Lagerfeld的杰作,很梦幻的感觉吧?
  • Prada 男装 09/10秋冬广告大片

    Prada男装09/10秋冬广告,拍摄于Hedi Slimane,高对比度的拍摄手法值得我们的期待。
  • D&G 香水2009广告大片

  • ALTM 2009 Imagery

  • Donna Karan Fall 2009RTW

    If Donna Karan didn't invent uniform dressing in the eighties, she went a very long way toward making the idea a sexy one. Now, with the economy in a nosedive, she's brought the clever, potentially ..
  • Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009RTW

    No wonder Dolce & Gabbana are in love with Elsa Schiaparelli for Fall. She was an original proponent of the ballooning shoulder (the fashion story of the season), worked her surrealist glamour throu..
  • DKNY Fall 2009RTW

    Modern, grown-up polish was the name of the game. Pencil skirts ended mid-calf; waists were neatly belted; and trim, boxy coats had bracelet sleeves. Clashing patterns—houndstooths, stripes, a blow..
  • D&G Fall 2009RTW

    With the legendary soprano for inspiration, their D&G collection was unapologetically operatic. Bustier dresses with lampshade miniskirts came in brocade, jewel-studded velvet, or tapestry-print chi..
  • Christian Dior Fall 2009RTW

    Squaring circles is the name of the game for every established house this season. In a nutshell: How do you keep customers (i.e., freaked-out department stores and skeptical, reality-seeking shopper..
  • Chanel Fall 2009RTW

    In a season when coat-dresses and skirtsuits have risen to somewhere near the top of the item charts, Chanel presented a series of fashion's most poised and charming versions. That formula transmitt..
  • Calvin Klein Fall 2009RTW

    If the minimalism of Francisco Costa's Spring show veered into sci-fi territory, Fall has come back to earth—and to the body. Whereas last season was all about soft, three-dimensional geometries, t..
  • Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009RTW

    Christopher Bailey's opinion on how fashion should respond to the times is succinct and businesslike: "It should have a point of view. Burberry's is outerwear, and that's what I've worked on here, f..
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